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Virtual girlfriend

About a year ago (last March) I met a woman from Main on a bi-polar support message board. I started talking with her. Dunno. I was lonely. So, we talked off and on. She has her mental issues etc. I tried to be nice to her, but she could get insulting. She kept “breaking up” with me and coming back. We clash mainly on political topic. She was or is a Trump supporter. I am a liberal, and always have been a Democrat liberal. So, I tried to avoid talking about politics. I was just so damn lonely. I kept buying her gifts and having them sent to her. Chocolates, gummies, and inlay stone, Indian rings.

Its just been very exhausting with her. Every time politics come up, I state my view points, and she gets upset. Maybe its because she only watches Fox “News” barf. I think I am done talking with her now as of 4/3/2021. I can’t keep doing this with her. We never even met in person. I doubt we ever will. I think I rather be by myself than with a Republican or Trump or former Trump supporter.

It kinda hurts, because I have been so nice to her. But it is what it is. Sometimes you can’t change someone to meet your needs.

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