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Very discouraged

I am very discouraged

I started trying to approach art galleries in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. So far no real luck. I am a part of the Guild artists group at Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights., Illinois. They are a nice group. I have not made any real connections there yet. I always thought that if I had good content that I could simply upload it to Social media or a website and people who were interested, would come to me and offer me gallery space etc. I guess I was wrong for a long time. I have had this website up and running for over 17 years. Not one email via the contact form. Not one comment response on a website post. It’s like my website is a black hole. I really don’t even know if anyone really reads anything or looks at my work. I think my work is pretty good. I have two online stores, I only have sold to people that I know. I think they may feel sorry for me.

Pretty depressed

I am pretty depressed. I know I have a talent and many skills, but I can’t make them work for me to gain any income or meet new people. I have started going to galleries. I guess I have to do more leg work and actually take the time to visit galleries that I am interested in.

Having money to have my prints made

I am awaiting¬† my Social Security Disability claim for over 4 years now. I simply can’t work anymore due to my mental health. So I don’t work, which means I have no money to have photos printed and framed. My good parents give me a bit of money each two weeks. But I kinda need a little more to have my ideas made into reality.¬† I produce panorama images that measure 46″x10″. I have found a pretty cool way to display them. Have the prints sandwiched between two pieces of clear acrylic.¬† It’s a good look. I am working with a plastic company in developing them. That also costs money. I think my artwork would look good in most places. Offices, or homes.

I am trying

Even though I have my emotional limitations and depression, I am still trying to do something constructive . It’s pretty hard though. My artwork is keeping me going.

Chris Trott

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