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I may be moving to Utah

So I may be moving to Utah permanently.  I am not totally sure yet. First I want to visit. The reason is I met a woman there via Twitter. I am 49, have not dated since 2008. So its been a dry run for me. Not sure  why I did not date for a long time. Anyway, she was pretty forward with me. Even direct messages me her phone number. I finally called the number. I thought she may have been scammer. But no, she is a real woman. She is 65 though. So about 17 years older. At first the age put me off a bit.

First I will visit her

I have looked pas the age difference and decided to accept her invitation to come out and be with her. First I want to visit for maybe 2-3 weeks or a month. Then I would come back to the Chicagoland area and be back with my parents. Then I could decide, we could decide (me and this woman). Then if we did get along in that first visit, I would maybe go back to Utah to  be with her permanently. I am excited.

We get along!

We get along really well on the phone. She speaks youthful. I enjoy our long conversations. She also enjoys our long conversations. We are both Democrats and have many topics and viewpoints that are similar. I am excited. She also wants to travel.  I am first born of German parents in the US. Her family is Croatian. She started to goto Europe on vacations before COVID 19 started. I have been in Germany a few times visiting relatives. I want to go back. It would be nice to have a travel partner to Europe. Also she wants to travel with me all over the Western United States and the American Southwest! I think we could get along really well. So I am going to try this!

Chris Trott

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