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Triple Digits in Nevada

My last solo road trip was in 2015. I was driving my 2014 Hyundai Genesis Sport Coupe. It was a fast car. A trouble maker. Having 348HP, I was routinely going 100MPH around the Chicagoland area on the expressways here. I know that in Illinois going over 80MPH on the expressway will earn you a reckless driving charge (if it is officially recorded).

My 2015 Road Trip

It was fun road trip. I drove from my place in the South suburbs of Chicago on I-94 to I-80 to Iowa. Through Nebraska. My idea on this road trip was to enter Northern California to visit the ghost town of Bodie, California and Yosemite National Park. Then after visiting these two places, I would go South and drive through Death Valley and head  back on I-40 along Route 66.

Driving Briskly

My way out through Nebraska and out West from Illinois, I was driving at a brisk pace. My average speed was 85MPH. I would reach 100MPH at times. Once out West in Arizona and Nevada, I opened up my car and hit speeds of around 140MPH.

Chris Trott

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