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Three days depression

I have been deeply depressed

I have had limited showers and have not been out of my room for three days. As I write this, I managed to go downstairs to the computer room to be at the computer. I can’t help but beat myself up mentally over the close encounters from a group of people that were in my area. I suppose things would have been more exciting for me or my life would have been different had I just been more receptive to these people. Its like having an itch you can’t scratch. Something was going on and I don’t fully understand it.

I am not going to commit suicide

I am depressed, but not that depressed. I have justĀ  been mentally beating myself up and making myself feelĀ  bad. It’s pointless. I can’t change anything like this. Making myself feel bad, won’t bring the attention of these people that were somehow in my life. I write this stuff on this blog, but I don’t think anyone who knows anything about my situation and this group will contact me via the website. I am mentally hurting though.

Chris Trott

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