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They are not patriots

They are not patriots

The Capitol insurrection. This mob of Trump supporters were not patriots. Many were reported to be there had links to white nationalist organizations.  Domestic terrorists organizations. Trump’s regime allowed these people to be emboldened, and not care about democracy or a peaceful transition of power.

I was brought up Democratic

I was brought up in a Democratic home. Plain and simple. Both my parents who are German immigrants voted Democratic all my life. Since I was aware of politics (born in 1972) I have have always found that “the left” or Democratic way or liberal way appealed to me more than what the Republican’s have been trying to sell. As a life-long Democrat, I see Republicans always try to grasp for votes by using fear, paranoia, and various fear tactics. Republicans also tend to mis-use organized religion. They bring religion into politics, where the founding fathers tried to keep church out of state. There should be a separation of church and state in my humble opinion.

The GOP should never gain power again

This last grouping of members of the GOP have gone so far as lying, and creating these strange, and very flaky conspiracy  theories. They  are not patriots. I really am saddened to see that so many Americans believe what the Republicans have been saying. To me Democrats are planners, they will tell you what is wrong, propose a solution and then tell you how they will achieve their goals. Republicans will simply scare you blindly, and hope you vote for them. I don’t vote or do anything out of fear. Also this last grouping of Republicans have no plans to help the average US citizen. None, these current Republicans spend most of their time, with shifty stock trades, they make millions for themselves, and then the rest of their time they spend covering their asses and covering up what they are doing.


The Republicans try to exclude groups or people. They try to exclude based on race, religion, and also sexual orientation. You simply cannot have a an open society with exclusion. You must be inclusive, include everyone. Same sex marriages, do nothing to “tarnish” the act of marriage to me. Many GOP and Republican’s try to infringe on the rights of same sex couples. Also abortion. It is not my business what woman gets an  abortion. If I don’t know the woman personally, then it simply is not my business. Also if I did know the woman, it’s not my body. So I am pro-choice. Allow for safe, healthy abortions, and support women’s health more. The issue with abortion is that its the GOP’s foothold in mis-using organized religion.

Gun reform

I also believe in stronger gun laws. No average citizen needs any type of military weapon. Plain and simple. I can see if you choose to be a gun owner, maybe one or two hand guns for home protection. Also these guns should be locked up in a gun safe and not transported with you to places. Gun owners that transport their weapons with them to places open themselves up to moral and also legal issues. Also I hope that Biden can take away the assault rifles from citizens. I really do. Less guns in society, will equal less gun violence. It’s common sense.

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