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They are long gone

Just writing about this with fresh eyes

If anyone has been reading my posts on this site, they would think I am a bit crazy. Paranoid maybe? I have had strange things happen in my past. I did somehow cross paths with certain people. Its probably over  now too.

No use for me anymore

After I promised that I was not saying anything with intent or malleolus on Twitter a few Twitter accounts ago, they stated that they were “clean”. What I was writing on Twitter were simply pieces of my past. No more, no less. Certain people saw what I was writing in a global venue and became triggered. Thats what led them to join in on my group therapy sessions at Ingalls. Some of these people were trying very hard to get myself and maybe my father in trouble with certain entities. I am only speculating at this point. Making educated guesses. Its all I have to speculate and make some what logic al guesses.

Psychological stunts

The psychological stunts that I got involved in were done to upset me. During this period my phone and computer were tapped. I know this. Off and on the whole thing is  just kinda strange. Maybe I have too much time on my hands these days to reflect at certain events. I can’t really help it, its what I do.  Whatever it was , if an offer or whatever, its over. now. Its expired. I think eventually when I am in a better position, maybe I will forget certain things. I am not really upset anymore. During the time things were at their hottest, I was getting a little fearful and freaked out. Honestly it was just plain strange shit happening and certain people were trying to put the mental pressure on me. I do not want to go  back to that!

I am no one special

I actually feel I am sub par to many people. I was only “special” because certain people may have been concerned or maybe afraid at what I may do or say. I don’t have anyone to talk about this with, so I type it out on this silly blog. I doubt anyone know may know anything would respond. I doubt even that anyone really looks and really reads what I write. Anyway. I confirmed at that therapy meeting face to face I was not going to mention anything that may or may not damage anyone’s nice reputation. Ill most likely simply write about certain things vaguely to exercise my writing skills. I want to see if I can write at a level that can match smarter people out there.

Chris Trott

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