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The friends I met

The friends I met

I met a few nice people a month or so ago. It was a shame I could not hang out with them. I really would have liked to. I got confused as usual. It was an awkward meeting I suppose. We chatted on various topics. It was nice. I am 50 years old. I wasted too many of my years pushing away potential friends. That was my fault. It is what it is now. It was a defensive mechanism on my part maybe.

I hope

I am 50 years of age now. I consider myself in my “half time” of my life. If I do make it to 100 by some chance. I hope that I will make more friends in my years  to come, some how, some way. I feel that after my parents are no longer with me, I will need friends most of all.

Thanks again

To the nice people I did meet in person, thanks very much for your time. It was good to touch on certain subjects. We are all human and we all have issues and troubles, and joys and successes. Maybe I will see a few people again sometime?

Chris Trott

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