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Some of my favorite black and whites

Its hard to choose my favorites

A selection of some of my favorite black and white images. For me, its hard to choose my absolute favorite black and white images. I feel they are all pretty good. I do a lot of work using Adobe Photoshop CC2021 (currently) Also I use Nik Collection Silver Effects to convert many of my color, digital images to black and white. Nik filters are one of the best filter add on for current versions of Adobe Photoshop.

I started photography in film

Back when I started photography I shot black and white film, so I only had black and white images from all the locations and subjects that I photographed. Now that I am shooting only digital, I always start with RAW color images. Later I convert selected images to black and white. Many of my color photos looks better in black and white. Sometimes also I like to do what I call “color exclusion” so taking an element of the photo, and retaining its color, and masking the rest in Adobe Photoshop, and converting the remainder to black and white.

Shooting with film

Film for me was more expensive and also tedious. I only had two lenses for my moms Minolta. A mid range zoom and a wide angle. The equipment was not very advanced. Also I did not use lots of equipment. The materials were more to deal with for me. The film, and the photo paper. Also my prints were restricted to 8″x10″. Its the only size paper I bought. Also I was not eager to have to work in a dark room and all the chemicals. So I was happy when digital cameras first came out. I took to Adobe Photoshop quickly and love the program and what its become. I learn a new thing each day almost using Adobe Photoshop. The program is addicting. I hope you enjoy my favorite black and white images.

Chris Trott

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