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Simply unsuccessful

I have tried almost everything

I tried almost everything marketing my photography. I am probably a highly skilled, low success of a photographer and graphic designer. I feel that photography is a dead art. The reason why I say this is the Internet is saturated with decent photography.  Maybe in the 1970’s a person could really become successful and  well known and make a living as a photographer. In 2024 I really can’t figure a way to make any money or become well known as a photographer. I also blame smart phones. The optics and quality of images coming from todays Android and iPhones are killing the artform of photography. The sensors and optics make almost any photo an artistic photo.

Galleries are a joke

To get into the gallery scene in any big city, you have to pretty much hype yourself up. I also feel you have to kiss a lot of ass. Suck up to gallery owners and know people. In most cases you can buy your way into a gallery. Many galleries offer wall space for a monthly fee. Buying your way into a clique in a gallery is the the most ideal way for a starving artist to gain popularity.

Having a website is a joke

Having a good website they say is the first thing you need to promote your photography work. That is a joke. I have a great website (the one you are on). No one interacts with me, or reaches out to me about my work. I have had this website for over 17 years, not one email via my contact page form, not one comment in my comment section. It really hurts me that I have not been able to do anything with my body of photography.

Chris Trott

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