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Remembering my 2015 road trip out West

Remembering my last solo road trip

I was just remembering the last, Westward road trip I took by myself. It was 2015.  It was my last solo road trip. I was working at a low-paying job that I absolutely despised. The only bright point was thinking and planning for a road trip in early Spring. I think it was May of 2015. I remember that I was bargaining with my supervisor and managed to get two and a half weeks off of work (not payed). As soon as the weather warmed up in May, I was ready!

There is only one direction, West

When I do take road trips, its always a road trip out West. I love the West, and the American Southwest. I love being in the desert, and I am always amazed at how vast the desert is. Being out there, by yourself, really makes you realize how small you are when it comes to the Earth. All my road trips involve photography, and the last few road trips I have taken a few action cameras to record my dash cam footage, and other footage. I travel West only from Chicago because the West is more scenic, also less populated and the speed limits on the expressways and roads are a little higher. I do enjoy to drive, and I have to say I enjoy driving briskly.

Stopping for the night at a hotel

I always love to check into hotels. I am not much of a camper. Normally I stay at Holiday Inn Express or Best Western etc… After getting my room for evening, I get all my stuff in the room. I have lots of batteries and electronics to charge for the next day of use. Also, I normally travel with a laptop and an external hard drive. After settling in in the room, getting my food,  possibly some beverages (beer), I get to work transferring my photos and video of the past day to my laptop and hard drive.

Work in the hotel room

I normally make two copies of all the electronic media. One copy on the laptop’s hard drive, a backup copy on the large, external hard drive. Just for added measure incase something happens to the laptop, I won’t lose any photos and video. Its a bit of work, but its what I enjoy to do.

Adding drone footage

So now that its 2021, I have purchased a photo/video drone. That will be an added device that I would need to recharge, and transfer electronic media to my devices from. I am excited to find my locations now, and take my still photos, videos, and now I will have the added feature of recording areal video and still photos from high above the subjects and locations that I find along the route.

Other road trip posts

The above video was from my Spring  2015 road trip out west. The video was dash cam video on my first night, just before stopping in Nebraska. If you want to see other video posts, check out my post on Bodie, California or driving though rainy Utah.

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