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Rainy Utah

Rainy Utah

Utah is one of the most pretty states in the United States. I feel it has the most natural stone arch structures of any state. When I do have the chance to drive West from Chicagoland, I do tend to drive “briskly”. I tend to like to drive a little faster than others on the expressways.

Driving Briskly

In 2015 I had a sports car, so driving “briskly” was easier and fun! You’ll notice in this video that  I am passing most of the cars. The car I had at the time was a 2014 Hyundai Genesis Sport Coupe. It had a V6 with 348HP. Plenty to get in trouble with. Thankfully I did not get caught in any speed traps. I always drive with a laser/radar detector. I just like to know if there is any radar or laser in the area. Its more for piece of mind.

In my dash cam videos, I sometimes record video for the duration of a song. There is nothing like listening to Pink Floyd and driving through a rainy Utah.

Chris Trott

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