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I first made my way out West in 2008 via Amtrak’s Southwest Chief. I took the train from Union Station in downtown Chicago to Flagstaff, Arizona. From then I picked up a rental car and made my way to Surprise, Arizona. Surprise is a suburb of Phoenix. I was on the trip to visit a lady friend of mine.

Since then, I was in love of the desert. I have been out west exactly 5 times so far. Once by train, and the other 4 times driving. There is a real peace in the middle of the desert. It’s almost as if its a sound vacuum.  There are no birds, no noise what so ever. The only noise is the passing of the occasional car.  I have driven Route 66 two times on my  trips out West. The Mojave Desert is simply wonderful. When you get out in the middle of the desert, you really see how small you are.

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