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No kidney disease

No kidney disease!

After seeing my last blood work, and Googling some of the results levels, I freaked out and thought I had the early stages of kidney disease. I spoke with my doctor on the phone to  go over the blood work results. I am still diabetic, but barely. There is no kidney disease! I am very thankful of that.

I better eat better and exercise

I guess I should use this time to exercise and eat better. I have not been eating too bad. I just need to walk or get out of the house. Maybe then I can also meet new people. I think if I exercise I could get below 300lbs. I guess it’s all up to me. I have to decide how I want my future to play out. Do I want a healthy future or a poor health future. I have to decide now.

My mental state

I am hanging in there. Trying to keep busy with projects. I have not shot any new photos since before the pandemic. I should really go out and take new photos. I also have a drone that I wanted to take to the city and take photos of the tops of the art deco buildings in the downtown area. I am still with Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights. Dunno if that is really helping me with my photography, but I am still associated with that gallery. I would like to find other galleries to display my work at. So far I emailed a few downtown. No responses.

Chris Trott

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