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Networking tool

My networking tool

I leave this website up and add to it because, in a way, it’s my networking tool. I lead a pretty isolated life. I don’t go to social events too much. I really don’t know of any events to goto,. I have maybe 5 friends that I know about. So I leave this website up and I add to it. Mainly I write about things in my life. Not sure why I still add to this website. I never got any feedback from the comments or email sections. I suppose I hope for one day maybe someone will connect with me via this website. Until then, I keep it online and error free.

I could use more friends

I suppose I could use more friends. Who couldn’t? Because of events in my past, I may have a few friends that kinda know about me, but I don’t know them fully. I think they may¬† be out there somewhere. People that were involved with me or my family out there. Maybe I keep this site up so that then can easily find me and contact me if they wish. I am not paranoid, and crazy, there is a group of people that know about me. I am not sure where I stand with them. I don’t know if I angered them or if we are on friendly terms. I keep this site up so that its easy for them to find me and connect with me.

Trying to promote

I am also keeping this website up because I think in the future I will have many more good images. For the past few years, I have been dormant with taking new photos. I have not really taken any new photographs since before the COVID pandemic started. So over 3 years now. Hopefully once I get some money, I will be heading to the American Southwest and will take more photos. Until that day, I work on my graphic design, composite photography and writing about my life and my past. Maybe one day the people that were involved in my past will contact and find me again.

Chris Trott

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