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Mysterious friends

Hopefully I still have friends out there

I am still obsessing on past events and chances. I am hoping that I still may have mysterious friends out there. I would hope so, after all the stuff I went through. Also given the fact that I never did anything bad to anyone that may know me. That lady at the grocery store deli. I turned my back on her, but I was a little nervous and did not know what else to say. She was not bothering me, I just got nervous. “My true friend”.

I am open to making new friends, face to face

I have gone through lots of mental pressures because of my past. So I am hoping that meeting new people and people that have an idea who I am would still be considered. I am not sure what these mysterious people are thinking though. Ill write this now though. I can be trusted, hell I can be the most trusted person on the face of this earth to them. I understand discretion. Its critical for these people. I think they vetted me enough over the years. I know what to say and what not to say. I have discipline with  my electronic communications. I can’t do much more than write on my personal website. This website. I have no idea if these people would want to make an effort to come  back  to my general area and try to connect with me. I never was in a position to make anyone do anything. I suppose through all the events of my past, I am patient.

My motives are as pure as can be

I have no real bad motives about meeting up with certain people. I suppose the only motive is networking. Networking and making solid friends. I could use help promoting my photography too. So far I have had zero success promoting my photography and skills on social media platforms and also this website. I honestly don’t think I reach anyone with this website. Or am I reaching the certain people who understand what I am writing about? I have no way of knowing. I am left with my questions, and also “what ifs” . Its really eating away at me. But any decision or move I made in the past, I am a grown man and I suppose I made my choices. I can say that my past choices were not all intelligent ones or made with a sound mind.

It is what it is

My dad has a saying. “It is what it is”. Its true. Also another saying “what will be will be”. I would like to think that since my name came up in certain peoples mouths, that maybe they totally won’t forget about me and maybe our paths will some day meet. Maybe when I am more ready for the meeting.

Chris Trott

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