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I don’t know where to begin

To my “one true friend”. I don’t know where to begin. Over the years I may have gotten involved or known by certain people. I feel I had an interesting past with my trips outside of the country. I was mentally unstable when doing so. I am not sure what powers were involved in my travels and early on. I suppose there was no rhyme or reason behind my actions. I don’t think there was ever any structure to my actions and words in my past. I am just a guy from the Southside of Chicago, born into a blue collar/German family. What do I know?

I suppose my recent words were triggering

I suppose some of my content on Twitter (an account ago) triggered certain people that were connected to me in my past. There was no rhyme or reason to anything I was saying. When they showed up in that environment at Ingalls, it was surprising. I am very sorry that things did not go as planned at Ingalls. It was an awkward environment.  I was a tad intimidated. I wish I was a little more relaxed, but I guess I may have upset a person or people there. I apologize for that. I really did not mean anything from it.

I am sorry about the deli counter

I knew the lady was there and was connected to Ingalls. She seemed nice, but I kinda freaked out and I should have turned back to engage her and complete the conversation. I knew she was connected to my “one true friend”.  I really do hope my “one true friend” will maybe forgive me for that mistake and try to reach out one more time. Give me another chance? I have questions about Ingalls and about things in my past. I am not sure if my “one true friend” can answer them for me? If someone would get to know me face to face, I am a pretty decent person. I also can be pretty clever with my sarcasm and jokes. I am at a disadvantage, It seems my “one true friend” knows me, but I don’t know them. As always, I know discretion is key. I am only writing about these events on my personal  blog, because I don’t know any other way to contact my “one true friend”. I am assuming that my “one true friend” is sometimes reading this blog. Maybe I am wrong?

Lansing Library

This is probably a long shot. I don’t know what any of these people’s attitude towards me is currently. Hopefully I am still held in a favorable light with them. I suppose I have to spend more time outside of the house and away from my basement computer room. I will be making it a weekly event on Friday mornings to be at my local town’s library. Maybe my “one true friend’ could eventually meet me there? Maybe if they come they could wear something purple? This way I am less likely to screw things up. The library is a nice, quiet safe and discreet place to meet with people. I find it relaxing and I promise to be myself there. I hope to eventually meet my “one true friend”. No more awkwardness. In addition to only Friday mornings, I will be focusing on hanging around the Lansing library more during the week. It really is a a friendly place to hang out at. 


I am sorry things did not work out. I really did want to meet you in person. However, I suppose you know more than me. I am assuming you know my general town and area I am at. Maybe one day….

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