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My name must have came up

As far as I know

As far as I know, I am simply a normal 51 year old guy that lives with his parents in South Suburban Chicago. I am of German lineage. Actually direct German lineage. I was first born in the United States of German parents. The only American born person from both sides of my family. However I may have a small secret. For years I may have been the conversation piece of certain people in the US. I am not out to make myself more interesting. I was into some certain situation that I don’t fully know about. Its a fact. You just have to find certain people who may know.

My take on the entire thing

I suppose certain people, pretty big people, know about me and my past and what was going on. Also, these same people know that I never really requested anything of them. I don’t think I ever really imposed on these people on purpose. Never asked them for anything etc… Its clearly true. I could have asked for things. I may have and still may be in the position have a huge ask of them. It is what it is now though. I may have missed many opportunities. I may have not been smart enough to pick up on. I suppose certain events were kinda strange and awkward. I suppose the awkwardness of certain events scared me honestly. However the fact is I do remember many events and awkward moments. Its part of my past and my history now.

Would I request anything?

I suppose if it was not a major inconvenience to any of these big people, I would now at 51 years old and me being wiser, ask for maybe their friendship. That is if I did not frustrate the fuck out of all of them. I tend to be a kinda irritating guy. I can’t help it, I am a little brother and being an irritant may be built into my DNA. Just ask my sister. I can be irritating as fuck. I don’t really mean anything by my irritation. In many friendships that I have. I have maybe 5 friends that I have both met in person and know virtually, at first meeting these people, I probably put them off. However if people give me a chance, after I test the waters and annoy them for a bit, I can be a very loyal friend.

I do annoy people maybe its on purpose

Upon first meeting people face to face, I do tend to maybe “test the waters” by being a little annoying. I may do this subconsciously. I just want to be in solid with certain people in life. Maybe thats why I am a tad annoying. I don’t mean any harm by it. If I had to ask some big people a favor it would be maybe we can get to know each other. I would ask after all the events in my past simply the gift of travel. I ask for travel because asking for money is imposing I feel. As a normal person, I would love to have a lot of money. But money is not the only thing in this world. I would never do anything bad to get money. I do have my morals. I feel if I could ask “big people” for something, I would ask them for their friendship and the gift of travel. I ask for the gift of travel, because I do think its a privilege to travel not everyone can afford. To see certain places on this Earth and experience different cultures. Naturally, I would document my travels with my photography.

I am sorry for the past

I have to say I am sorry for my past. Or events that did not go to people’s satisfaction. I really apologize. I also am a bit sad and frustrated that things did not include me. However maybe I had my fair times of chances. I know one thing, you can’t force anyone to do anything for you in this life. If others want to do things for you, then thats great. I was raised never to impose and always try to respect others. No matter who they are.

Chris Trott

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