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My love affair with the treadmill

Ballooned to 325lbs

So, I allowed myself to balloon to 325lbs. Its strange, when I was younger I would run the piss out of myself. I was a runner. I was not the fastest runner, but I was like a diesel engine. I could probably run through a wall or two. I had endurance. Anyway, I find that at 49 years old and 325lbs. I still can move. Thankfully no joint problems, and  I can carry this excess weight with no problem. However I am sick of being fat. So I decided to start loving the treadmill in the mornings.

Anger issues

Also about me, I think I may have anger issues. I don’t want to get into it, and I wont verbally say anything but I may have been subject to some very unfair, sophisticated and downright cruel events in my life. Psychological stuff. I may still harbor bad feelings about this totally unfair treatment by maybe some people who should know better. It happens. I say I will write about it in details, but I pretty much know I won’t I have every right to however. I will choose to let sleeping dogs lie. One character flaw about me, I tend to stew on things of the past. I am trying not to do that anymore.

Focusing my anger and anxiety

So I have two months before I plan on going to Utah to meet a lady friend there. I guess  I will direct my anger and anxiety to the treadmill. I am already a sweater, so now I will just be following through with actual exercise . Strengthening my heart and maybe expanding my arteries. I try to do 30 very brisk minutes on the treadmill. I started this anger on my treadmill on June 10th, 2021. I hope to be on the treadmill each morning.  Trying to relieve this anger certain people have caused me. I will take my anger out on the treadmill from now on.

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