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My first post

Well its 2021

Well its 2021. Actually 01/03/2021. I decided to wipe out my site and start over. I have owned for many years now, its mainly my original photo and graphics site. I am not sure why I keep my sites up. I also own I have been working on Chicago Snapshot’s SEO a lot. I am getting traffic on that one, but no real feed back. I owned for 17 years now.

Yes, its a bit childish and futile for a person to own a site. Even two sites. I guess my hopes with these two sites is that maybe someone will contact me for creative collaboration or just to drop a line, and say they like my work. Or maybe even offer me a job. I have been a freelance Web Desginer / Graphic Designer off and on since 2000. Also I have been a WordPress user for over 13 years now. I love WordPress and think its the best website building platform that anyone can use.

WordPress, web design and graphic design

With WordPress all you need to do is install WordPress (free from then purchase a premium theme from Then you are set. A premium them will run you around $65 or so bucks. Then just get a domain name from and purchase webhosting. I use for hosting. They always keep their servers running, and their tech support is always fast to respond.

My Internet toys

I guess and are my online “toys”. I like to showcase my photography, and photo retouching skills. Also show off some of my graphic design skills. I have been an Adobe Photoshop user since 1995. I started computing in college when a friend introduced me to computing. I loved Adobe Photoshop right from the beginning. I started with Adobe Photoshop v3.0, (which had no layers) now I use the very latest Adobe Photoshop 2021. Early on, I knew where to get “WAREZ” or “cracked” or “patched” software. I have a whole hard drive that is devoted to copied software. I know what many would say, that is copyright infringement. I get that. But if something is out on the Internet that is able to be downloaded and copied, I have no problem finding, downloading and installing copied software. The only piece of software that I own that is legitimate is my copy of Windows 10 64bit. My OS or Operating System is a valid copy because I want to keep up with updates.

Anyway, its 2021. I will try and work on the SEO for this site, also maybe keep the content fresh, and fairly interesting for those who want to view it. Maybe I can make a few friends or find other creatives out there. That is my main hope and goal with my two sites.

Chris Trott

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