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My Dad

So my dad has prostate cancer. He had it detected as early as he could. Very early. My mom and dad are on top of their medical health. When my dad’s PSA test numbers were going up, that prompted his doctors to order¬† a Gleason test . Those numbers were up too. So my dad’s doctor recommended taking the entire prostate out. A proctectomy. So he did that. The cancer was “encapsulated”. However there was a small spot on one site of his pelvis that had cancer in the bone.

My dad did bone scans, and hormone injections etc… for a while. Fast forward to 2021. My dad sees another doctor. He recommends chemotherapy. So now were are here in April of 2021. Today my dad got his port put in for the chemo. The procedure was ok, my dad felt nothing. Looking forward now his doctor says 8 weeks of chemo ahead of him. I am getting mentally prepared to help my father and mother with whatever then need help doing. I suspect my dad will be weak, he will lose his hair.

Ill probably have to do the grocery shopping, maybe things around the house.  Cleaning the house, mowing the lawn. Planting the tomatoes my dad plants every Summer. I hope that I am mentally strong enough for this.

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