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My current state

So, I met a lady on Twitter. She lives in Utah. Nice lady. I am 49 and she is 65. So there is a 17 year age difference. At first I was kinda not sure. But talking with this lady every day for the last few months, has changed my mind. We will see. Also I have been wanting to live out West. She has graciously invited me to live with her as long as I want. That is a big deal to me. It is an honor that a nice lady would want me to live with her and has opened her house to me.

We set August for a time for me to go out to be with her. However bad news for me, I am $3,000 in credit card debt. I have no funds in my bank account. Hmm I am hoping to erase my debt before I go to see her in August. I figure Ill just put the 4 days of hotels, gas, and food on my credit card bill. Its getting to be a real pain paying minimum payments. I have applied for my Social Security Disability. The problem is that the claim is in the last stages. I have all the required notes, etc.. I can’t understand why I keep getting rejected. Anyway if I get my SSID , that would make things work out with less anxiety.

So I sit here at 4:50am and write a blog post.

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