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My Birthday

It’s my birthday today

I was able to sleep in today. I greeted my parents. Shook my dad’s hand. Hugged my mother. My mom sang Happy Birthday to me. No cake, no candles. It was ok. I got a very heartfelt card from my mom, dad and sister. My dad picked it out. It made me cry a little. Matter of fact I am crying a little while typing  this down.  I am so happy to have such a loving family. Good parents. I worry about them as they get older. I hope that things go as well as it can be.

Trying to reach out

I am trying to reach out to new friends. Certain people that may have been peeking into my life from the sides. They know who they are. Maybe I ruined things between me and them? I suppose if I did, I will just reach out to new people and try to make new friends in the future.  It would be a birthday wish from me, if these certain people tried to reach out one more time. But I may have reached a limit with these people. I am 52 today. So with luck I will have 50 more years on this Earth to bump into them naturally. For right now, I will be around my parents and my sister.

Chris Trott

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