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Looking back

Secret people

Looking back in my life. There was a group of people in my life. They were following me into stores, and they also some how got into my group therapy sessions at a Chicago , South Suburban Hospital. I still have no idea what was involved in them being present in my group therapy sessions. The first few sessions, I had no idea. Then after each session, I realized something was strange.

What I think

What I think is that some big name people had their people in these group therapy sessions with me. I feel they were kinda judging me at these sessions. I also think they were in these group therapy sessions because I somehow became connected to them in the past and I was on Twitter saying random things. These “big people” did not like me saying what I was saying on Twitter so they showed up in my group therapy sessions. I also think these big people tried to get me in trouble with the FBI or some agency. They TRIED but I really had done nothing quite honesty. 


These big people were probably scared at what I would say. Honestly I never said anything specific. I doubt I would ever say anything specific about how they did strange psychological things to me at stores, or bars, or wherever I was going. I also suspect my computer at home and my Android smart phone were being recorded and tapped. I also was probably being located using my smart phones GPS. I have been a computer user since 1995. One thing I hate is people hacking into devices and snooping. I took great offense that someone was in my smart phone and home computer. I can’t forgive that.

These people

So, these people pretty much ganged up on me went through my home computer, and smart phone. They did their little psychological tricks on me at stores, bars, anywhere I was at. Maybe some of them wanted to be my friend? I suppose I am open to some sort of friendship with some of them. At the grocery store deli one person tried to reach out. I got nervous and turned my back on that person. I wish I had not. However that moment has passed. 

 My future

Well, I still live with the parents. My parents are in their 80s and need my help around the house. I feel I have to give back to them  for everything they have done for me. I am fighting diabetes. I am trying to keep my A1C low. I am also trying to lose weight. I goto the doctor every three months for blood work and make  sure that I try and stay healthy. This is all I can do right now. As far as I know, I have no money and can’t go on a road trip or travel. I am not able right now to take more photos of my travels. I am frustrated by what people have done in my past, and frustrated I have no money to do anything creative. 

Chris Trott

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