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Leg work

Visiting galleries

So, I have  been posting my photos all over social media. All the platforms. Still nothing, no responses. I have decided to visit local Chicagoland galleries with my newly designed “business” cards and printed portfolio book. I want to kinda stay in the city limits of Chicago with galleries I choose. I feel that established galleries in Chicago city limits probably have better connections. However I also will venture around in the suburbs of Chicago too. I tried emailing galleries with my portfolio booklet PDF, but never got any responses. So I feel I should make the effort and visit these places in person.

Acrylic wall floats

In addition to visiting galleries, I have come up with a design for acrylic panorama photo wall floats. Per wall float I estimate that the cost would be $90. I would resell these pieces at $300. I am getting some acrylic plastic rods in shortly, I will post photos on the basic construction of these wall floats in another post.

Chris Trott

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