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Jimmy is in bad shape in the hospital. Jimmy is a life long family friend of my dad and our, small family. I am not sure what is wrong with Jimmy, but the doctor’s give him a 5% chance of getting out of the hospital alive. I really like Jimmy and every time he came over to bullshit with my dad and our other neighbor in the garage, I always came out to talk to him. Jimmy always cheered me up, and is a good natured person.

I don’t think he is going to make it out of the hospital. He has a history of bad diabetes. So, I am not sure if his current health crisis is a result of his long battle with diabetes. I often sometimes plan too far in advance in my life. I was thinking that maybe in my old age, Jimmy would still be around, when I did not have anyone else. Anyway, lots of sadness if Jimmy dies.

So Jimmy, you are a good guy.

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