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Jimmy died

So its 4/29/2021. Jimmy has died maybe two days ago at around midnight. I liked Jimmy, he always cheered me up when he came over with his dog Lucky. Jimmy and Donna¬† lived at the end of our block. I knew Jimmy almost my entire life. He was a bricklayer along side my father. He was my dads good friend. Jimmy did have health issues. Bad luck with diabetes. I think he was taking 12 pills a day for diabetes. At one point Jimmy’s blood sugar was 400.

Jimmy was a very lovable person, good personality. I know my dad will miss him, I also will miss him. He was around 65 or so. I was thinking he may be around in my old age. Ah well. So thats two deaths that happened close to home. First my one cousin in Germany, now Jimmy.

Rest in peace Jimmy. I liked you a lot.

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