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A lady friend in Utah

So, I met a lady friend on Twitter. Small issue, she is 65 and I am 49. However she is very nice, and we have long conversations on the phone. We have lots of similar likes. I decided that I could over look the age difference. She is mobile, so we could go on hikes, etc. Travel around her area. Also she lives in Southern Utah. I really wanted to live out West for a long time. Utah is very pretty. She has invited me to live with her, or stay with her for a few weeks at first. I accepted.

Western homebase

If I use her place as a “home base” I would be able to take more photos out West and in California. I am kinda excited. The only problem is I have a $2400 credit card debt and I have no job. So no money in my bank account. We shall see. The plan is for me to be at home for my dad while he goes through chemo for his prostate cancer. His 8 weeks of chemo ends in I think June. So hope he will be in remission and get stronger again. Then I will goto my lady friend in October 2021.

Chris Trott

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