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Interested parties

Still thinking about things

I am still thinking about past events. I assume there were a few, separate parties involved. Some of them were trying to get me in trouble with a certain three letter agency. I feel that is where the bulk of surveillance was coming from. I pretty much assumed my cell phone and computer and emails were  being monitored. At one point I was putting my cell phone in my glove box in my car. I also remember having my car serviced once during the issues.   I had a tendency to nervously talk to myself. I am wondering how much audio and video they may have taken of me. I also feel they they had no evidence for anything I may have been doing.  Was I doing anything specific? Did they establish intent? I wonder how much money the whole surveillance thing cost? Leave it up to the tax payers I guess. I can openly write about my suspicions now because I know the “investigation” or whatever it was folded. Maybe a big party wanted to punish me? Dunno. It did not work. Maybe that three letter agency has lots of files on me? Good. hah. The Trott files. I say at least I am a semi known person in the US. That can be a benefit for me in the future. No one can unring that bell. How is anyone going to take that away from me? What exactly is my reputation? I feel its neutral.

Stuck in a holding pattern

So I await my Social Security Disability. Hopefully I will get it this time. My on the phone hearing is June 6th. I got a different judge. Hopefully a more compassionate judge. If I got my SSID claim that would be huge for me. There is no way I can go back to work anymore.

Heading into Spring

Heading into Spring I plan to simply take more photos.

Chris Trott

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