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Kept in the loop

I live a quiet life. Currently I live with the parents. They are elderly and I help them out. I wish I could be in other places. Out West, in the American Southwest or California. However, I am stuck in Lansing, Illinois. I have had encounters with certain people in my past and I am hoping they would want to take the time to reach out to me again one day. We shall see. If they are reading what I am writing on my website here. I hope to be kept in a certain loop with certain people. I simply would want to be included in things that go on. We shall see. I think with my photography, I will make myself accessible in the future to people. I don’t see myself living in a small town in my small house and living alone. I feel that in the future I will branch out publicly. I want to be public so that maybe “my one true friend” will see my out in public and introduce themselves to me.

I am going to keep promoting

I am going to keep promoting my body of photography. I will approach galleries, I have been pushing my images on my various social media accounts. I feel eventually I will gain more exposure with my body of art. I plan on taking photos until I die.

Chris Trott

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