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If I ever become famous

If I ever become famous

First off, I am not setting off to become “famous”. If I were to be well known for something good, then that would be ok. I think I would like to be well known for my photography, photo editing, and graphic design. Or just at least acknowledged every so often. If I were twenty something again, I would try to become an actor. I was good looking back in my twenties. At 51, I am balding and over weight. I would not feel comfortable being an actor. It would be cool to rub shoulders with certain people. Be their friend.

Too many are choosing bad

Too many and I think mainly in the United States, are choosing to focus getting well known or famous over bad or stupid things. Look at all these crazy Trumpers. I am sure the influencers of this group don’t actually believe what they are telling the majority of these low intelligence, brain washed Trump followers. It’s sad to devote your energy to promote, racism, white nationalism etc… Why taint your name?

The TV is filled with good and bad people

I watch whats going on on TV. It seems that negative topics get the most attention. The people who use negative things to create their fan base are bottom feeders. There are good people that have done only good things and are well known or famous for those things. I think there should be more good people on TV. But now with the Internet, anyone could be famous very easily. I feel that not enough good people are getting their fair exposure on Social Media and the Internet. This is sad. Also this frustrates me a bit, since I think I am a good person. I do good things and am a good photographer, photo editor, and artist in general. I have had this website up for over 17 years, not one response from anyone that reads this website. It’s is sad and discouraging for me. Yet I still keep the website up, and keep adding to it. 

Chris Trott

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