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I probably missed out

I probably missed opportunities

It’s morning and its thunder storming. I am looking forward to the Spring. Warmer temps more sun. Ill try to get to the park near my house and walk. I need to exercise because of my diabetes. Currently I am on the depressive side. I know I missed out on many opportunities in my life. I am kinda kicking myself for that. However I was not exactly thinking straight and also some things were awkward. I also was scared to maybe take the opportunities. I wish I was brave enough to get out of my comfort zone. These opportunities stem from the events with this outside group. I honestly did want to be introduced with people who know what I am talking about. I was just a bit nervous and never went forward. At 51 we will see if I get any other chance to get a face to face meeting with someone out of the group. I am not even sure what these people think about me, or what my status is with the certain people in this group. Hopefully its neutral or leaning towards favorable. I know certain people do know about me, of me. Also I am sure they know about my photography. It’s all over Twitter and social media. I did not want to isolate myself. I really did not do anything bad or negative towards anyone in that group.

My day at the clinic

I went to the research clinic in Chicago. It was fairly easy to get to. They took down my information and took blood sugar samples. I went to be part of a drug trial for a diabetes med. I mentioned I was on psych meds. They said they had to approve me as a patent because I am bi-polar. I felt they were discriminating against me because I am under psych care. We will see if they call me for a trial med procedure. If not screw them. I was sincere in my attempt to help out with the trial meds.

I am having a series of bad luck

I am having a series of bad luck trying to find a cause or group of people to be apart of. I suppose I could volunteer for volunteer positions in downtown Chicago. I do miss being a part of a greater cause, a group effort. I did join the Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Galley members there are not the most social. Everyone is kinda isolated. So that kinda failed. Ill attempt to look for more art galleries around Chicagoland to join with my body of photography. It seems to be hard to join galleries too.

Chris Trott

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