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I have to look out for myself

I think these people are out of my life

I am assuming that these group of people are now out of my life. I still have my parents and sister. I worry however, my parents are in their 80s. I won’t have them my whole life. When I no longer have them in my life, I better learn how to look out for myself. I suppose I have always  been a little spoiled by my parents. I know I lived a sheltered life. My parents protected me from lots of bad influences in my life. Since this outside group were in and out of my life over the years, I think I can expect some type of financial wind fall from them. I am not 100% sure. I expect that the outside group was 100% wrong in what they were doing to me and my family, and I am expecting a large sum of money. I think the group determined it and I am not sure what type of  vehicle they will use to give it to me. I feel I am owed a large chunk of cash because of what these people were doing to me.

Waiting on my Social Security

As far as finances are concerned, currently I have none.  I am waiting on my Social Security Disability. Having a large sum of money in my future would be helpful. I am hoping this outside group will at least supply me with that down the road.

Chris Trott

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