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Guardian Angel

My protector

I just picked up my sister and my dad from the airport yesterday. My dad had family business in Germany with this sister. At 83 my dad made the trip. As I picked them up from OHare airport, I saw at the terminal entrance my dad struggling. My father, who his whole life was so energetic and strong for all of us, is now frail and has a hard time walking. This concerns me greatly. It makes me sad and scares me that I have to do things for a change for my dad and mom.

Up to the tasks?

Am I up to the tasks at hand? I hope that I have the physical and also mental abilities to deal and perform things for my parents that are needed. All my life, my parents have sheltered me and provided for me. Now I find that I am the one that has to reciprocate. I have to try and pay back my parents for all they have done for me and my sister.

I am sad

I am sad. I hate to see my parents get weaker. Thankfully they are both still mentally sharp. I am just sad and wonder sometimes how much longer I have with my parents. I try not to put a time limit on our time together.  I’d like to reach out to new friends that may one day help me with the empty spaces in my life.

Chris Trott

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