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Good people that do bad things

Seeing a scary trend

This trend I see every night I watch the news. You learn something new and even more disturbing each day. I don’t understand how people can all of a sudden snap and do bad things to others. I am talking murder or rape people. What the fuck is wrong with some people?? I don’t care what has been done to a  person, I can’t understand how someone one day would “snap” and run amok. I am 52, so  I have been around a few decades. I think Jim Jones was the worst thing early on that I remember hearing about on the news. That whole Jonestown situation is still a measuring point at how foul someone can be.  Now a days it’s Putin’s invading of Ukraine or the Israelis now butchering the Palestinian people.

The most frightening cases

I think the most frightening cases are the one on one killings. Example, a lady in Chicago recently was found guilty of dismembering her land lord because she was about to be evicted. The women looked cold in her eyes. What kind of person can do that?  Don’t they understand that is wrong? Don’t they think ahead that they could goto prison? The lady did not want to be evicted, well now she has a permanent housing arrangement for life in prison. I think being locked up in a concrete box for life would be something to consider before chopping up anyone. The person ruined the land  lord’s life, the landlord families lives and also their life. Just because she did not want to get evicted. Makes no sense.

My theory

I have this theory, but it’s not scientific. I feel that average people have becoming unglued and doing more and more bad things to others right after 9/11/2021. After that event it seems more and more average citizens at least in the US, have been doing more and more bad things to others after that event. Maybe my theory is wrong. I guess though that people have been killing, raping and whatever else to others all though the ages. I have had my fair share of teasing and psychological abuse, but I’d never chop someone up over it.

Chris Trott

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