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Getting warmer

Coming into Spring

So things are warming up in Chicagoland.  I can’t wait for milder weather. Since I got diabetes type 2, I need to further reduce my A1C and weight. I did make a  good effort to go from diabetic to now pre diabetic. I had an A1C of 7 in August 2022. Now I have an A1C of 6 in April 2022. I lost 56 lbs going on a diet. The diet I kinda chose was the Keto diet.

My diet

I simply stopped eating lots of extra carbs. No pasta, no breads. I never liked sugar so I did not miss not having sugar. I have stopped alcohol 100%. I was starting not to get intoxicated from drinking an entire bottle of vodka. So I figured I should stop.  I tried  weed once, I did not like it.

Gallery and friends

In addition to my health, exercise and diet, I will be more involved in a Art Gallery in Chicago Heights, Illinois. The gallery is called Union Street Gallery. I joined the gallery as a guild member. I want to show my work off and also possibly make new friends and network in the creative area in the Chicagoland region.

Chris Trott

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