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Friends out somewhere

Certain events in my past

I suppose with all the strange and mysterious events in my past that involved other people, I hope that I can assume that I do have “big friends” out there somewhere that know about me and were at one time involved in my life. I would like to think that there are some big people that may think of me fondly. I honestly don’t think I did anything wrong to anyone. I think maybe there may have been misunderstandings on their part. I was put in an kind of an awkward position by these “big people”. Maybe some of them wanted to get me and my family in trouble for whatever reason, I have no idea about. I am sure that a certain agency has investigated me and my family and found I had done nothing wrong.

The accusations were unfair

If people were trying to get me in trouble and having my computer, emails, and phone tapped and compromised, I do find that to be upsetting to me. I am sure my car was bugged at one point. I feel that “big people” who have misunderstood me online may have gotten nervous that I would get them in trouble with what I may have said publicly.  This is why they were trying to get me in trouble. Not sure. If my phone and computer were compromised, that would upset me. I am very serious about electronic privacy.

They were reaching out

The last time they came into my life, they were trying to reach out in a friendly manner. I was not behaving normally. I wish I would have engaged that lady at Jewel deli counter. If they are ever in my area again, in this town of Lansing, Illinois, they know the places I go in this  town and I welcome that “my one true friend” would reach out one more time. I am flattered that “my one true friend” wanted to reach out to me. I did panic at the deli counter and did not engage the lady that was there.

My one true friend

Those words are etched into my brain. They were said to me to my face at Ingalls. I really hope that one day however it comes to be, that I will know who “my one true friend” is. It’s always on the  back of my mind and I will be in my town or at my public library in public. I would welcome a face to face meeting with him/her. I have no way of knowing how to reach out to “my one true friend” so I will continue to mention him/her on this website from time to time. I really hope that “my one true friend” will know and read this website.

Chris Trott

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