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Friday Mornings

Heading to the local library

In an hour or so, I will be heading to my local library. Ill spend maybe 3 hours in the morning there. I doubt any of these people that were in my life before will show up. I just figured since they were reaching out to me at my group therapy sessions, and “my one true friend” too the time and effort to locate me at the local grocery store deli counter, that I would be in a public place for a few hours. I am sorry that I messed up my interaction with the nice lady at the deli counter. That was a mistake on my part. I was nervous.

Going forward

I suppose I can spend three or so hours in the mornings at my local library going forward. Just in the rare event that certain people who know what I am talking about will check my website and see I will be there, in public place. I was thinking after the lady at the deli counter encounter, that I should not rush home right away after being out and about in my area. These people could locate me before, so we will see if they will go to the trouble and locate me again. I think the reason why they were trying to locate me before was because they recognized me on a pervious Twitter account and I was talking vaguely about things that happened in my past. Maybe they were concerned on what I would say on social media. I think some people may have been confused.

It’s healthy to get out of the house

Now that the COVID concerns are lessened, I may as well hang out at the local library. I have time and I have nothing going on. It would be nice to meet one of the people that were a part of what was going on so that I can talk to them about past events that were happening to me. The past events that happened to me are just making me feel weird. I am obsessing on certain events. So maybe I can just talk to whomever and just clear things up. We will see.

Chris Trott

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