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Feeling down

Not feeling good today

I am kinda depressed at how everything turned out. The people that were in my life in my past really have changed my life’s course.  I doubt they will ever know how much they effected me mentally and because of their intersection into my life, changed the course of my life. Add this on top of my own problems with my how I look at myself. My lack of self confidence. I never succeeded in anything really important.

I have no idea how long

I have no idea how long these people came and went in my life. I have no idea how many people were involved in things of my past. I don’t know how to reach out to the people that may know something about what went on. All I can do is assume they know about this website and hopefully they will read through my blog posts. I am hoping I meet one of the people that came into my life and may know what I am talking about. They only thing I can do is mention that I will be at my local library, the Lansing library. Friday mornings are the main time I decided to go. I could be there during more of the week. Sitting by the coy pond. Waiting for my “one true friend” to vist the library and maybe sit down next to me.

Chris Trott

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