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Fake clouds

Photoshopping fake clouds into photos

Lately I have been Googling various plugins for Adobe Photoshop CC. I came up with two that I really like. Visuals of Julius and Kelvin Pimonts plugins. They have all sorts of photoshop brushes. Lighting, shapes, animals, moons and skies. I am mainly interested in the sky brushes to enhance pretty boring and plain skies in my older and newer photos. Sometimes when I am shooting in the field, the sky has no clouds or and drama. These brush plugins for Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 etc… Make boring skies look pretty dramatic. Also the cloud brushes on these two plugins are actually realistic looking. I provided links to the brush plugins from my Google Drive account. Try them out! They are virus free, and mainly for Windows machines. I am not sure if they would work on a Macintosh machine, but you are free to download them.

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