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Something has gotta go right for me

I have had a long period of nothing going right for me. Its sad. What I hate most is when people promise you something then they don’t follow through with their promise. Why open your mouth and promise anything in the first place?? Every gallery owner I spoke with promised me time and space in their galleries then they don’t respond to my email to confirm.  They ghost me. Then that leaves me to assume that they are no longer interested in my work.  I really am just numb from people doing this to me. I am numb from having things I try to achieve fail on me.

No new photos for 5 years

It’s a shame. I have the best camera I have every owned. I have all the equipment and lights etc. I have not had the desire to go out and take new photos even before the COVID pandemic. It’s a shame. My work can’t be that bad, right? I don’t think my photography is ugly or not skilled in its composition. This website is a black hole. I doubt anyone really reads and sees this site. It’s just a shame. Other photographers are successful, why not me?

Ill treat it as a hobby

I suppose I will eventually go out and take new photos in the country at night. I guess I can just treat my photography as a hobby. I won’t sell my camera equipment just yet.

Chris Trott

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