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Clinical trials

Research center

I saw that a research clinic had clinical trials on a new oral drug for type II diabetes. I became diabetic in 2021. So right now the disease is being kept under control from my diet and Metformin. This clinical research center wants someone who is over 18, has a BMI of greater than 30, and a person that is currently taking Metformin. So I think thats me. First of all I am helping a greater cause. Second, it may just work. Also they offer $1400. I could use that just about now. I have to go downtown to Chicago 9:45am today. Hope I am accepted for their research.  Should be interesting. I forget how long the program will go for.

Other than this, just quiet

Other than the clinical research thing, I have nothing really interesting going on. I went to a gallery in Crete, Illinois. The owner liked my photography work. He said he would set up a show for me in 2025. We will see. The only bad thing is I have to come up with printed and mounted pieces to fill the old farm house he has set up as an art gallery. I think its three rooms worth of space. So not sure if I want to commit. He still has not come back to me with a concrete date. We will see if he contacts me again. I have had people promise me things in the past, only to go back on their word. So I am very biased into people doing anything for me.

Working on my health

Still working on my health. I goto the doctor every three months like clock work for blood work. I know how much these lab tests cost, and I am currently getting my lab tests for free. So I go and keep my eyes on the blood values. I have my A1C controlled at 7. I am working on my triglycerides right now. Its the only value in my blood work that is pretty high. I am taking liquid fish oil daily for that. I want to see if the liquid fish oil will lower my triglycerides. Also I have to work on my weight again. I should go out and exercise. I am very stubborn. Maybe I will start walking in the park near my house in the Spring.

Chris Trott

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