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Certain people

There are certain people

Still harping on my past. It’s a weakness of mine. I know I can’t go back and change anything in the past. I should not be making myself upset over things. There is in fact certain people that know EXACTLY what this website post section has become. There are people out there that know exactly what went on and what kind of things were directed towards me in my past. Over the years they were not always reaching out to me in in a friendly manner. The times when they were directing certain forces against me, that was hard. This last time they came out as friends. I wanted to accept their friendship. As a person who reads through my past blog posts on this website, you may thing I am insane or am making up things. Not true. I am confident that there is a group of people out there that knows exactly why I am typing these stories of the events of my past. The past events and situations have changed the course of my life. I only am filling my website with these events and about these people because I do have questions about certain things that have happened. I will remain open to knowing and I will accept anyone reaching out to me in a friendly manner.

I have pieced together ideas

Over the years I have pieced together ideas about the group of people. I don’t know specifics on who exactly though. I am not angry though. At one point I was upset that at weird shit that was happening. I felt that people at one time were purposely trying to upset me in public. Stores,  gas stations ets. This last time at Ingalls, they did come to reach out to me in a friendly way. So I lost all my upset feelings. I am a very straight forward person. I do like to know exactly what goes on in my life. I just have questions about strange events in my past. Thats all.

Currently grinding my gears

Currently I am frustrated. Frustrated about other things besides strange events in my past. I am mainly frustrated because I am kinda stuck at my parents place. I don’t have the funds to go anywhere and see new things. I used to take two and a half week road trips out West. Document my travels with photography. For over 5 years I have been stuck in this stupid town of Lansing. I am 52 and I know I have limited time on this Earth.  I am still mobile and I still have  good eyesight. I feel that my time is being wasted by not traveling and not photographing new things and places. So since I sit at my computer 95% of the day, I am typing out my frustrations on my personal website. Also by typing my blog posts on my website I am trying to reach out to anyone or “one true friend” to see if they would reach out to me again in a friendly way. I am sure if I had other things or places to go, I would not write about my frustrations. I am an adult and I chose what I chose in my past. I kinda wished I chose differently.

Chris Trott

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