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Composite Panoramas II
September 2, 2023

Composite Panoramas II

I have been bored Ive  been bored so I created new composite panoramas. Mainly to exercise my graphic design skills. In these designs I am trying to showcase texture, and depth. I achieve the depth using drop shadows and various…

Splash Photography
August 22, 2022

Splash photography

Small set splash photography Below are a few of my small set splash photos. I used a laser camera trigger to activate the camera shutter and external flashes for each of these photos. I started  creating these photos using a…

My Panorama Collection
May 25, 2022

My panorama collection

Panoramas I have been taking panorama photos for many years now.  Many people use their cell phones and have a panorama app that automatically takes a 180 degree swatch of the scene. I always use my DSLR for photography and…

Space Art
May 15, 2022

Space Art

Space Art I have always liked the NASA renderings of space vehicles from the 1960s etc. I think they had some cool designs back in the day. For awhile I had a website called Space Rust. I liked adding the…

Borrowed Images
July 16, 2021

Borrowed images

I have not really been taking new photos this summer. No motivation. With this pandemic, I have been staying at home mostly.  This being at home has prompted me to “borrow” images to make composite images with. When making these…

Some Of My Favorite Black And Whites
June 6, 2021

Some of my favorite black and whites

Its hard to choose my favorites A selection of some of my favorite black and white images. For me, its hard to choose my absolute favorite black and white images. I feel they are all pretty good. I do a…

Fake Clouds
May 26, 2021

Fake clouds

Photoshopping fake clouds into photos Lately I have been Googling various plugins for Adobe Photoshop CC. I came up with two that I really like. Visuals of Julius and Kelvin Pimonts plugins. They have all sorts of photoshop brushes. Lighting,…

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