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How Many?
February 7, 2024

How many?

I am wondering how many Lately I have had trouble sleeping. The psych meds I take, help me with that. I was taking sleeping pills on top of my psych meds to help me sleep. Bad mistake. I was reflecting…

February 6, 2024


From my past, I have questions I have always  been a bit abnormal. Going back to grade school. I was teased by my peers for being a little odd. The questions I have come from the years after college. I…

Learning Not To Upset Myself
February 5, 2024

Learning not to upset myself

I am learning I often beat myself up the most in life. Mentally, I beat up myself and it often effects my physically. Off and on in my life, I have had strangers intersect my life. There were times when…

Things Have Got Me Down
February 4, 2024

Things have got me down

Things have got me down First off half our leaders in the US are criminals and traitors. I am referring to the entire GOP party. They tried to over turn or stop a peaceful transfer of power. If it were…

Where Value Is Placed
February 3, 2024

Where value is placed

What is valuable? I think the modern, US society is placing value on the wrong things and the wrong people. You will detect a bit of jealousy in this post. I think that its sad when a retired, professional basket…

Hell Night
January 26, 2024

Hell night

I woke up feeling empty It started yesterday when my sister brought her laptop to me to change her battery. She had the laptop for years and during usage the battery stops to charge. I needed to know what exact…

Thinking Too Much
January 24, 2024

Thinking too much

I am probably thinking too much Since I am unemployed and waiting on my Social Security Disability claim. I have lots of time to think. My brain goes into all these negative scenarios about the future. Currently I have my…

Feeling Better
January 11, 2024

Feeling better

 No meds I have not been taking my meds. I need meds for my Bi-Polar my moods etc.  Also I am slightly diabetic. So I have to take Metformin. I suppose it was because I was having an episode for…

I Give Up
January 10, 2024

I give up

I give up I keep getting upset at things. I suppose these things may be out of my control. Ill have to simplify my wants and desires. Hell, half the time I am looking forward to lunch. I try not…

Mental Pain
January 9, 2024

Mental pain

There are days when I am in great pain I know influential people came into my life. There were events in my past. Things that were controlled. These events did have an effect on my mental being. I seem to…

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