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Human Experiments
February 25, 2024

Human experiments

Experiments on me So I became diabetic in 2021. I was first diagnosed. My A1C was 7.0. I freaked out. I began thinking all the really bad things that diabetes does to a body. Loss of sexual function, loss of…

Probably In Vain
February 24, 2024

Probably in vain

Probably in vain So I spent about two hours Friday morning at my local library. The Lansing library. From 9am to about 11am. I forgot my cellphone, but it was a welcome disconnection from my device. I spent my time…

February 22, 2024


It may be in vain Thursday mornings is shopping day for my parents. Thankfully they are still mobile at their ages. Ill probably make a beef stew later today. Tomorrow, Ill pop in at the local library. Ill probably be…

Learning To Be Myself
February 20, 2024

Learning to be myself

Learning to  be myself Because of events in my past, I suppose I do kind of alter how I act around people I meet. I am not sure why I do this, I have been in some very strange events.…

Obsessing On Past Events
February 19, 2024

Obsessing on past events

I have been obsessing Again, I am not  being delusional certain things did happen in my past. Certain people were involved. I am not upset about things, just these people are a mystery to me. I assume I was in…

Waiting For Spring
February 17, 2024

Waiting for Spring

I want it to be Spring It had not been too bitter cold of a winter. Hardly any snow. I am pleased. I think its about 35 more days till March 20th, Spring. Nothing is happening with my photography. I…

The Woman At The Deli Counter
February 14, 2024

The woman at the deli counter

The woman in Jewel So I am not delusional or crazy, just let that be clear. I have mood issues, but I am not delusional. Anyway, the people that intersected my life were in fact in my group therapy sessions.…

It All Costs
February 12, 2024

It all costs

It all costs too much I would not mind going to Vegas and to the Super Bowl. However I could not afford the $9,000 for a seat. I can’t believe one seat was that much money! All the cool events…

In The Loop
February 11, 2024

In the loop

Kept in the loop I live a quiet life. Currently I live with the parents. They are elderly and I help them out. I wish I could be in other places. Out West, in the American Southwest or California. However,…

Friday Mornings
February 9, 2024

Friday Mornings

Heading to the local library In an hour or so, I will be heading to my local library. Ill spend maybe 3 hours in the morning there. I doubt any of these people that were in my life before will…

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