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March 28, 2024


Being repetitive I am in a bad mood. I seem to be beating myself up for things others have started with me. It’s not fair. It’s like having an itch I cannot scratch. I do dwell in the past. It’s…

Feeling Down
March 25, 2024

Feeling down

Not feeling good today I am kinda depressed at how everything turned out. The people that were in my life in my past really have changed my life’s course.  I doubt they will ever know how much they effected me…

I Ruined Lots
March 18, 2024

I ruined lots

I ruined lots of things in my life I keep reflecting on the past and all the opportunities I pissed away. I was not thinking straight and I did at the time feel vulnerable. I don’t know who these people…

I Probably Missed Out
March 14, 2024

I probably missed out

I probably missed opportunities It’s morning and its thunder storming. I am looking forward to the Spring. Warmer temps more sun. Ill try to get to the park near my house and walk. I need to exercise because of my…

Clinical Trials
March 13, 2024

Clinical trials

Research center I saw that a research clinic had clinical trials on a new oral drug for type II diabetes. I became diabetic in 2021. So right now the disease is being kept under control from my diet and Metformin.…

Interested Parties
March 11, 2024

Interested parties

Still thinking about things I am still thinking about past events. I assume there were a few, separate parties involved. Some of them were trying to get me in trouble with a certain three letter agency. I feel that is…

I Have To Look Out For Myself
March 5, 2024

I have to look out for myself

I think these people are out of my life I am assuming that these group of people are now out of my life. I still have my parents and sister. I worry however, my parents are in their 80s. I…

I Probably Missed My Chance
March 3, 2024

I probably missed my chance

I suppose I missed my chance A group of people were in my life it seems. I don’t know the full details on this. I suppose when I did not turn back to talk to the lady at the Jewel’s…

Friday At The Library
February 28, 2024

Friday at the library

Uneventful week so far Its been another uneventful week at the Trott household. My dad is doing ok, so is my mom. Both are in their 80s. I worry about both of them. All three of use get along ok…

Second Guessing
February 26, 2024

Second guessing

If I could go back I have had strange, frightening, and interesting things happen to me in my life. In the past, I was scared, mad, upset and felt vulnerable. I suppose I may have attracted lots of attention from…

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