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July 17, 2021

Blood sugar

Doctor's visit I went to my doctor a few weeks ago just for a checkup and blood work. So, my doctor ordered all the major blood exams. I had not been to the doctor since the pandemic started and I…

June 27, 2021

My current state

So, I met a lady on Twitter. She lives in Utah. Nice lady. I am 49 and she is 65. So there is a 17 year age difference. At first I was kinda not sure. But talking with this lady…

June 11, 2021

My love affair with the treadmill

Ballooned to 325lbs So, I allowed myself to balloon to 325lbs. Its strange, when I was younger I would run the piss out of myself. I was a runner. I was not the fastest runner, but I was like a…

June 9, 2021


I may be moving to Utah So I may be moving to Utah permanently.  I am not totally sure yet. First I want to visit. The reason is I met a woman there via Twitter. I am 49, have not…

June 6, 2021

I have been nocturnal for two years

Being nocturnal for over two years For the last over two years (before the pandemic and people stayed at home), I have been nocturnal for two years.  I am lucky to sleep 4 hours. This all started when I had…

May 31, 2021

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Bi-Polar and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1 over a decade ago I have been seeing a psychiatrist since 2003 or so.  Bi-Polar disorder is a mental disorder that effects million of Americans.  In 2021, my diagnosis also included…

May 29, 2021

Bad luck outside my family, no success

Living at home with the parents So, I am 49 and live at home with the parents. It is what it is. I never got out of the starting gate in life so to speak, I am just not successful.…

May 19, 2021


A lady friend in Utah So, I met a lady friend on Twitter. Small issue, she is 65 and I am 49. However she is very nice, and we have long conversations on the phone. We have lots of similar…

April 29, 2021

Jimmy died

So its 4/29/2021. Jimmy has died maybe two days ago at around midnight. I liked Jimmy, he always cheered me up when he came over with his dog Lucky. Jimmy and Donna  lived at the end of our block. I…

April 17, 2021


Jimmy is in bad shape in the hospital. Jimmy is a life long family friend of my dad and our, small family. I am not sure what is wrong with Jimmy, but the doctor's give him a 5% chance of…

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