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May 13, 2024


Something has gotta go right for me I have had a long period of nothing going right for me. Its sad. What I hate most is when people promise you something then they don’t follow through with their promise. Why…

Friends Out Somewhere
May 9, 2024

Friends out somewhere

Certain events in my past I suppose with all the strange and mysterious events in my past that involved other people, I hope that I can assume that I do have “big friends” out there somewhere that know about me…

I’m Not Confident In My Looks
May 4, 2024

I’m not confident in my looks

One thing that has held me  back As I have gotten older, I have withdrawn myself away from social environments. When I was younger, I was thinner, had hair and was a pretty good looking guy. People wanted to hang…

Average Nobody
May 3, 2024

Average nobody

I am an average nobody I had dreams when I was younger. Back then I was young, physically active and good looking. I did not have a care in the world. I had the potential to be anything I wanted…

Simply Unsuccessful
May 2, 2024

Simply unsuccessful

I have tried almost everything I tried almost everything marketing my photography. I am probably a highly skilled, low success of a photographer and graphic designer. I feel that photography is a dead art. The reason why I say this…

Certain People
April 28, 2024

Certain people

There are certain people Still harping on my past. It’s a weakness of mine. I know I can’t go back and change anything in the past. I should not be making myself upset over things. There is in fact certain…

Good People That Do Bad Things
April 23, 2024

Good people that do bad things

Seeing a scary trend This trend I see every night I watch the news. You learn something new and even more disturbing each day. I don’t understand how people can all of a sudden snap and do bad things to…

I Have Been Housebound
April 22, 2024

I have been housebound

Ever since the COVID Even though the COVID pandemic is pretty much history, I have not taken a single photo for four years. These days after all the strange events in my past, I have  been staying in the house.…

I Didn’t Understand
April 21, 2024

I didn’t understand

I was in on something During the course of my life, I was involved in something with people that I don’t know who they were. I am thinking “big people”. Influential people. I was not trying to  be difficult, I…

My Birthday
April 7, 2024

My Birthday

It’s my birthday today I was able to sleep in today. I greeted my parents. Shook my dad’s hand. Hugged my mother. My mom sang Happy Birthday to me. No cake, no candles. It was ok. I got a very…

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