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Bodie, California

In May 2015, I had the opportunity to take a road trip from Chicagoland to California. Anytime I have the chance to take a road trip, I choose to go out West. The West is more wide open, and vast. Also more beautiful. Once I reached California, I stayed in Mammoth Lakes, California for two nights. From there I went up I-395 to Yosemite National Park for the first day, then to Bodie, California for the second day. Bodie is a very interesting place. It’s a ghost town that is allowed to decay naturally. It does take a bit of effort to visit Bodie. A long, winding asphalt road off of I-395. Then that winding road turns to a rutted, dirt road. It does take over 45 mins. I was driving a sports car, so the potholes in the dirt road slowed me down.

You do not want to have a break down or run out of gas going to Bodie. Make sure your car can make the trip and that you have enough gas in the tank. I found I did not have cellphone coverage. It was an interesting visit.

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