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Blood sugar

Doctor’s visit

I went to my doctor a few weeks ago just for a checkup and blood work. So, my doctor ordered all the major blood exams. I had not been to the doctor since the pandemic started and I was pretty much in the house, no movement or exercise at all. At the exam I found to my shock, I gained another 5 lbs. So my total weight is 330lbs.

Pushing my luck for decades

I am obese, morbidly obese. I have been on a downwards spiral for decades. No discipline in eating, eating as much and whatever I wanted. My blood work always came back ok. Well this blood work came back with a blood sugar of 132. My A1C was 7. So its got me really concerned.  I have been pushing my luck healthwise for all my life. Now I finally have something fairly serious going on. Its my fault. No one put the food in my mouth. I did all of it. I accept what is going on with me.

Can my body bounce back?

Now the real question is, I did it, I accept it. What can I do to correct it? Can it be corrected?  I feel that I come from a good blood line, there is not diabetes in my family (either side) . I hope and feel my body will get normal blood sugar and A1C levels again. My doctor put me on Metformin. I am taking my meds every morning.

Crash diet

Since the I looked at the blood I have decided I would go on a crash diet. I met a lovely lady in Utah on Twitter. I hope to see her in August. I want to be more attractive for her, and also healthier. So I decided not to buy anymore food (takeout). I will limit my meal to one or two meals per day and drink lots of water.

The woman in Utah

I love this woman, she is a very nice woman, and I hope to do many things with her. Explore the Utah area where she lives, take various photo road trips to the National Parks, and maybe take  some over night trips to Nevada  and California. I want to b e healthy again. I have something to look forward to.

We shall see

So we shall see. I have to wait around my house until my dad finished his chemo for prostate cancer. I am hoping my dad will be cancer free in August. He only has one more chemo injection left. Until then, I will be dieting. Also I will try to get some exercise.

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